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Preston Pharmacy


Preston Pharmacy provides a complete line of pharmaceutical products and services exclusively to long term care, assisted living and specialty care facilities. Locally owned and operated in Kansas, Preston Pharmacy has a professional staff with years of senior care experience that partners with the facility to provide the highest quality care and pharmaceutical services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A new model of care extended beyond your skilled nursing stay

Preston Cares Patient Services Include:

  • Pharmacist-assisted discharge planning
  • Discharge counseling by a Preston Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist
  • Contact to a patient within 48 hours after discharge as well as 14 days and 31 days after discharge
  • Communication of discharge results to your primary care physicians
  • Medication Therapy Management provided throughout

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Preston Pharmacy's focus on senior living communities allows them to offer more effective and efficient services enabling the facility staff to spend more time with the residents.

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Preston Pharmacy utilizes state of the art technology to provide improved response to information needs with respect to prescriptions, deliveries, physician orders & medical record orders.

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Preston Pharmacy provides routine deliveries 6 days a week & emergency delivery service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at no additional charge.

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Dedicated Preston Pharmacy Pharmacists routinely visit facilities to collaborate with Physicians and Nurses for medication reviews, dosing and potential interactions and compliance through accurate and safe distribution of medications.

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Preston Pharmacy’s dedicated team of professionals obtain insurance approval before filling prescriptions and understand the unique situations presented by Medicare Part D plans, as well as all other traditional insurance and private billing options. This enables them to provide the needed support to ensure accurate billing and claims management.

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Preston Pharmacy provides medication in a blister card dispensing system that is simple and convenient offering you and the facility the assurance of accurate dosing. This blister card system also allows for unused medications to be returned for credit when allowed.